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Teachers at Balmoral
Terry Wiebe Terry Wiebe - Terry, an experienced teacher & preacher, is our full-time pastor at Balmoral. He and his wife Diane began ministering with us in September 2013.
Ron Cavenagh Ron Cavenagh -
Walter Hogarth Walter Hogarth - Walter teaches occasionally and is one of the current elders on the Balmoral leadership team. He and his wife Gail have three adult sons.
Bob McKenzie Bob McKenzie - Bob & his wife Brenda are the parents of 4 adult children. Bob teaches periodically at Balmoral. He is the former Director of SHALOM COUNSELING in Red Deer.
Jared Ott Jared Ott - Jared and his wife Michelle, parents to a young daughter & son, currently lead the Balmoral Sunday School. Jared also preaches occasionally .
Wayne Pedersen Wayne Pedersen - Wayne grew up on a farm in central Alberta. He continues to be on honeymoon with Jean, his wife of 38 years. They have 3 children & several grandchildren. Wayne has several educational degrees, including bible college training at Moody Bible Institute & the Canadian Theological Seminary. Wayne preaches occasionally & served on the Interim Leadership Team at Balmoral.
Herb Taylor Herb Taylor - Herb is a long time member of Balmoral. Together with his wife, Crystal they are in full time evangelism ministry, ministering primarily in Canada using the media of Crystal's gift of gospel country music and Herb's preaching.
Fred Thomson Fred Thomson - Fred teaches periodically and is one of the current elders on the Balmoral leadership team. He and his wife Linda have three married children and several grandchildren.
Wayne Tomalty Wayne Tomalty - While teaching occasionally at Balmoral, Wayne serves as President of MOUNT CARMEL, a one-year discipleship college in Edmonton. Wayne provides overall leadership, student discipleship & teaches Old Testament courses. He and his wife Shauna have been married for 28 years, and have 1 son, 2 daughters & 1 daughter-in-law.