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About Our Calendars

We use a flexible on-line calendaring system supplied by Google. Each ministry area has it's own calendar to allow you to focus on one particular area of interest. All the planned events can be seen together on the "Overall Calendar". Just click on the event to see more details. Three views are available: Week, Month, and Agenda. Where these calendars can be particularly valuable is if you subscribe to the free Google service and set up your own calendars, or share calendars set up by others. This allows you to see, in one place, the work, school, and church schedules of all members of your family. If you use Outlook 2007 at work or at home, you can also connect to the Balmoral calendars and see your Outlook calendar side by side with your personal and Balmoral calendars. Those who have smart mobile phones with web access (such as Blackberry's, iPhones, or phones running the Android or Palm webOS operating systems) will be able to readily refer to these calendars while "on the go".

Printing Calendars

To print a calendar: select the view you wish to see (week, month, or agenda), then click the printer icon next to the "week" tab.  If you have a Google account, you can add these calendars to your own by clicking on the "Google Calendar" icon on the lower right of the calendar.  Once added, you have a few more options for viewing and printing.