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welcomefamilyWelcome to Balmoral.  Check us out!  Find out what's going on, where we are located, who we are, and how you can fit in.  There is something for everyone here!

For Children

Join us each Sunday at 10:30 am for infant care and Sunday School for children in Grade 5 or yonger.

 Mom's and Dad's we have a nursery for toddlers under age two.  Drop around to look at our facilities and talk to our staff.



For Youth

 Youth activities and programming are ongoing.  Please contact the Chapel Secretary for current and upcoming events.

For Adults

Men, join other men, for thoughtful teaching and prayer, as well as special conferences and events.
Women, we have weekly activities just for you, as well as periodic special events.



nnie L Gaetz once said, Pioneering is never finished. New conditions bring new problems, or old problems in a new form.1 This is similar to the situation faced by the original audience of the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. Their parents had been given the opportunity of settling down in a homeland – the Promised Land. But they'd failed. So now, what were the odds their children would do better?


Deuteronomy is a book about a community being prepared for a new life. Hardship and wilderness lie behind; the Promised Land lies ahead. 2   The question they faced was, Can we succeed where mom and dad failed?


Sometimes called The Gospel According to Moses, Deuteronomy contains good news. Some of it had to do with God's amazing promises. Some of it had to do with the privilege of belonging to God and representing him in the world and participating in his plan to bless the world. But mainly the good news was about God's grace towards those who didn't deserve it.


In this book, Moses conducts a workshop for those poised to enter the promised land. He gives a series of addresses containing reminders and teachings that would help the new generation advance further than their parents.


So much of the Bible comes to us in the form of historical books. Is it really worth the effort to read and study them? The philosopher, Edmund Burke said,


“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”


In 1 Corinthians 10.11, referring to Israel's history, the apostle Paul wrote,


These things happened to them as examples [for us]


Balmoral Bible Chapel has a rich legacy from it's nearly 100 years of existence. As we move into our future, are there things we can learn from the 'next generation' message of Deuteronomy? Can we look back in order to walk more faithfully in the future?


Join us on Sunday, January 21st as Terry Wiebe teaches from Deuteronomy 34:1-12, titled "Legacy".  How can you honour the life of a great person in 300 words or less?  Try it sometime -- it's not easy!  But that's how the book of Deuteronomy ends.  For sure, it's short and sweet... actually bittersweet!  But, it's also forward-looking and hopeful.  This is a fitting sketch of a great man's legacy that will encourage God's people. 

Please feel welcome to join us any Sunday at 10:30AM as we worship together with singing (a mix of contemporary & traditional), prayer, expository teaching from the scriptures, and communion, all followed by fellowship over “coffee & sweets”.  In addition, on the last Sunday of the month, we also meet from 9-10AM for a special service of communion, sharing and hymns.  Everyone is welcome to join us as we worship God together!


 Check out this animated overview of Deuteronomy!


1 The Park Country (History of Red Deer, AB and District) by Annie L Gaetz

2 The Book of Deuteronomy by P.C. Craigie



This new series begins January 28th!


Does God Have a Plan?

the Gospel of Luke


Many have undertaken to draw up an account

of the things that have been fulfilled among us … Lk 1.1



heophilus. There's a name you don't come across every day! He was the fellow Luke dedicated his 2-volume work to. We know it as Luke & Acts in the Bible. Why did Luke write Luke? As best we can tell, Theophilus needed help working out some of the puzzling events of the recent past recorded in the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts.


A lot had happened that didn't add up:


a royal birth without the usual fanfare

a Jewish messiah most Jews didn't recognize

a compelling vindication (resurrection) and an unexpected return to heaven

initially Jewish, the Christian movement turned largely Gentile

a promised kingdom that doesn't quite come … yet


What was Theophilus to make of it all? So many loose ends. So many unanswered questions. Was he starting to have second thoughts about following Jesus?


Luke the physician [Col 4.14] takes up the challenges faced by Theophilus and countless others since. He skillfully narrates the life of Jesus, careful to emphasize that what had happened was the outworking of a Plan, God's plan. The present state of affairs revealed the presence and action of God in our broken-down, salvation-needy world.


Like Theophilus, we sometimes wonder what God is doing in our day. These are not easy times to be a Christian.


persecution is on the rise

time-honored institutions are crumbling

values, once held sacred, are unraveling

Christian faith is rejected


Could it be that our times are actually part of God's plan? Rather than fearing God has stepped away from history, could it be that he is working through the chaos of our times? What if his Plan included things we chaff at? Maybe the good doctor had a point …


Come see for yourself as we explore the Gospel of Luke.




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