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Date Teacher Duration Media
Scripture Title
Apr 22, 2018 Terry Wiebe 35:46
Luke 5:1-32 Leaving Your Job
Apr 15, 2018 Walter Hogarth 38:43
Luke 4:31-44 Powerful Exorcist and Healer
Apr 8, 2018 Bob McKenzie 26:48
Luke 4:14-21 Good News
Apr 1, 2018 Terry Wiebe 23:31
1Corinthians 15:35-58 Resurrection: Jesus' & Ours
Mar 25, 2018 Terry Wiebe 34:51
Luke 3:21-4:13 Temptation Knocks
Mar 18, 2018 Terry Wiebe 40:21
Luke 3:1-20 God's Return Policy
Mar 11, 2018 Wayne Pedersen 29:52
Luke 2:41-52 The Boy Messiah
Mar 4, 2018 Terry Wiebe 38:58
Luke 2:22-40 What They Said About the Christ Child
Feb 25, 2018 Fred Lane 20:22
Luke 2:1-21 Peace on Earth
Feb 18, 2018 Fred Thomson 23:56
Luke 1:57-80 Birth of the Baptist
Feb 11, 2018 Terry Wiebe 48:03
Luke 1:26-38 Promise of a Messiah
Feb 4, 2018 Terry Wiebe 38:45
Luke 1:5-25 Promise of a Prophet
Jan 28, 2018 Terry Wiebe 39:53
Luke 1:1-4 God's Quirky Plan
Jan 21, 2018 Terry Wiebe 42:49
Deuteronomy 31:1-13 Succession
Jan 14, 2018 Terry Wiebe 42:52
Deuteronomy 31:1-13 Last Words
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